Nalón River Route: where to sleep

High Zone – Valle del Nalón: Caso Council Hotel Rural Reciegos*** – This hotel is located in Campo de Caso, which is part of the Redes Natural Park, distinguished by UNESCO as a Biosphere Nature Reserve. Limestone and wood are the hallmarks of this building. Langreo Council Langrehotel**** – It is the only […]

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What to see and do in Nalón river (Asturias): Industrial and Mining Patrimony

In the upper zone of the Nalón river (Asturias, Spain), more specifically in the territory “Valle del Caudal”, is the largest mining and industrial space of the principality of Asturias. The passage of the Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) through the territory has provided the development of various industries, explorations and coal development infrastructures, and is […]

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What to see and do in Nalón river (Asturias): Cultural Patrimony

The Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) passes through spaces rich in historical and cultural heritage. From the low (source) area of ​​the Nalón river, where there are several museums in a beautiful natural environment. To the central area where the largest city in the region – Oviedo – is located, which highlights incredible collections of monuments […]

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What to see and do in river Nalón (Asturias): Natural Patrimony

The Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) flows through incredible areas of the asturian region. Near its source there are natural spaces of great interest, such as the incredible Redes Natural Park, well known for its beautiful lakes formed by the melting of glaciers and its fantastic caves. Also, you cannot miss Las Foces de El Pino, […]

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Where to eat in Cangas de Onís

Restaurantes Cangas de Onís

The city of Cangas de Onís is one of the main tourist spots in the entire territory of Asturias (Spain). To meet all the needs of tourists, have developed a series of services, such as accommodation, restaurants, tourist spots, among others. Then are presented some of the restaurants and cider houses that show typical asturian […]

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What to see and do in Covadonga: Location, Religion and Nature

Location A dozen kilometers from the municipality of Cangas de Onís is Covadonga, a small village where the first victory of Iberian Christianity over the Moors took place, a victory that gained great symbolism. It is currently a sanctuary. What to see and do in Covadonga Religious and Nature Tourism Lakes of Covadonga Covadonga’s lakes […]

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Where to sleep in Cangas de Onís

Alojamentos en Cangas de Onís

The city of Cangas de Onis has always been one of the main sights in all the territories of Asturias (Spain). So it meets all the needs of tourists, various services have been developed, such as accommodations, restaurants, among others. Here are some of the ideal places to sleep in Cangas de Onís. Hotel Establishments […]

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What to see and do in Cangas de Onís: Gastronomy

If there is something that defines the cuisine of Cangas de Onís, it is undoubtedly the quality of its products that allow it to develop one of the most exclusive and popular cuisines of northern Spain. Here are the most traditional dishes of Cangas de Onís and surroundings, as well as the most famous cheese. […]

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What to see and do in Cangas de Onís: Sports

For sports lovers we recommend you visit the official website of the company “Frontera Verde Aventura” – There you will find a range of active tourism activities tailored for all ages. Below are some of the most practiced sport activities in Cangas de Onís. “Barranquismo”: It is an activity that consists of walking down […]

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