What to see and do in Ribadesella (Asturias, Spain): Natural Patrimony and Beaches

Natural Patrimony As one of Asturias’ natural paradise destinations, Ribadesella has a lot to reveal at the natural level. The territory exhibits several natural spaces of protection, such as the beautiful Rosa’s Cave partial natural reserve, the incredible Entrepeñas gorge considered a natural monument and one of the most impressive […]

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Ribadesella’s Location (Asturias, Spain)

Ribadesella is one of the municipalities of the Principality of Asturias – located in northern Spain. The municipality lies on the coast of Spanish territory, crossing the Cantabrian Sea to the north, to the east the city of Llanes, to the west the city of Caravia and to the south […]

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What to see and do in Eo’s River (Asturias, Spain): Gastronomy and Events

Gastronomy The meeting between the waters of the river Eo and the salty tide of the Cantabrian Sea promotes the development of several species of quality seafood. The typical cuisine of the western region of Asturias uses the main local marine species to prepare special dishes such as clams, oysters, […]

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What to see and do in Eo’s river (Asturias, Spain): Cultural Patrimony

The territories that follow the westernmost river in the region of Asturias (Spain) – river Eo – exhibit several elements of great cultural interest. Discover here the main museums and historical sites to visit at the destination! Eo’s Fishing Interpretacion Center Eo’s Fishing Interpretation Center is in San Tirso de […]

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What to see and do in Eo’s River (Asturias, Spain): Natural Patrimony

The passage of the river Eo in the western end of the region of Asturias led to the development of beautiful natural spaces in the territory. Ría del Eo The intersection between the fresh waters of the Eo river and the salty waters of the Cantabrian Sea created an incredible […]

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What to see and do in Nalón river (Asturias, Spain): Industrial and Mining Patrimony

In the upper zone of the Nalón river (Asturias, Spain), more specifically in the territory “Valle del Caudal”, is the largest mining and industrial space of the principality of Asturias. The passage of the Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) through the territory has provided the development of various industries, explorations and […]

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What to see and do in Nalón river (Asturias, Spain): Cultural Patrimony

The Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) passes through spaces rich in historical and cultural heritage. From the low (source) area of ​​the Nalón river, where there are several museums in a beautiful natural environment. To the central area where the largest city in the region – Oviedo – is located, which […]

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What to see and do in river Nalón (Asturias, Spain): Natural Patrimony

The Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) flows through incredible areas of the asturian region. Near its source there are natural spaces of great interest, such as the incredible Redes Natural Park, well known for its beautiful lakes formed by the melting of glaciers and its fantastic caves. Also, you cannot miss […]

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