What to see and do in Covadonga: Location, Religion and Nature


A dozen kilometers from the municipality of Cangas de Onís is Covadonga, a small village where the first victory of Iberian Christianity over the Moors took place, a victory that gained great symbolism. It is currently a sanctuary.

Covadonga’s Location

What to see and do in Covadonga

Religious and Nature Tourism

Lakes of Covadonga

Covadonga’s lakes are made up of three lakes, Lake Enol, Lake Ercina and Lake Bricial.

  • When you arrive, you will first find Lake Enol. It is at an altitude of 1000 meters and is the largest of the lakes.
  • Lake Ercina is slightly higher at 1100 meters and it is very common to see herds of cows grazing around it.
  • During the course of these two lakes we can see some points of interest, such as the Mirador de la Reina, the Buferrera Mines and the Picos de Europa Interpretation Center.
  • Finally, after another three kilometers, is Lake Bricial, which only has water when we are in the thawing season.


  • The Covadonga lakes access road is closed to private vehicles during Spain’s summer, Easter and national bridges months. At this time of year the only way to get to the Covadonga Lakes is by public bus.
  • Bus schedules: Buses to / from Covadonga Lakes depart every 10/15 minutes from 9am to 7:30pm.
  • Prices: Parking at the Lakes of Covadonga costs 2 € and is valid for the whole day. Bus tickets cost 8 € for adults, 3.5 € for children under 12 and are free for children under 3 years old.


There are 4 main routes to get to Covadonga:Pilgrimage Route (Ruta de las Peregrinaciones);

  • Pilgrimage Route (Ruta de las Peregrinaciones);
  • Andariega Crossing (Travesía Andariega);
  • Reconquest Route (Ruta de la Reconquista);
  • East Road (Camín del Oriente).

For more information on routes and lakes, please visit the following address:

Sanctuary of Covadonga

Covadonga Sanctuary has a rich history and full of ancient knowledge, the two most blessed places in this village, is the “Cueva de la Señora” and the “Basílica” of Covadonga. In the link below you will find everything you need to know about this sacred place.