Eo’s River Location (Asturias, Spain)

The river Eo is considered one of the most interesting rivers in the Asturias region and one of the largest in northern Spain. It has an extension of almost 300 km and is located between two autonomous communities in Spain – Asturias and Galicia.

The Eo’s river disemboche establishes the border of the coastal zone of the two destinations, on the Galician side is the town of Ribadeo, and on the Asturian side is the town of Castropol. Thus, the river Eo passes through the three municipalities located to the west of the Asturias region – Castropol, Vegadeo and San Tirso de Abres.

The richness of the faunal and floristic elements present in the territories that accompany the river Eo are so valuable that they conceived in the territory several classifications of protection, valorization and preservation of the environment:

  • Place of Importance of the Community of Ria del Eo;
  • Special area for the protection of Ria del Eo birds;
  • Wetland of International Importance;
  • Ría de Eo Partial Nature Reserve;
  • Río Eo, Oscos and Tierras de Burón Biosphere Reserve;

The Ría del Eo Partial Nature Reserve classification covers the northernmost municipalities of “Rio Eo”: Castropol and Vegadeo.

The Biosphere Reserve of the Eo River, Oscos and Tierras de Burrón classification, granted in 2007 by UNESCO, was the first biosphere reserve to cover two autonomous communities: Galicia and Asturias. It has a length of 1600 km² and covers 14 municipalities, 7 of them Asturian: Castropol, Taramundi, San Tirso de Abres, Vegadeo, San Martín de Oscos, Santa Eulalia de Oscos and Villanueva de Oscos, and 7 of them Galician: Ribadeo, Trabada , To Pontenova, Ribeira de Piquín, Baleira, La Fonsagrada, Negueira de Muñiz.

How to get there:

There are several transports to get to reach the destinations that follow the river Eo (Asturias, Spain):

  • Train – You can buy tickets to the several destinations of Asturias via the european Costasur or Virail companies;
  • Bus – You can buy tickets for the severeal Asturias destinations from Alsa, FlixBus and Omio (to main destination: Oviedo);
  • Airplane Asturias Airport: located in Santiago del Monte, Castrillon (West of Asturias);

Or by own transport (car):

  • From South: Through N-640 in Vilaodriz (Galícia) it is possible to cross the entire river to Castropol;
  • From West: Reaching A-8 in Vilalba (Galícia) towards Castropol;
  • From East: Via N-634 (passes Oviedo) or N-632 (passes Gijón) from Ribadesella to Castropol;