What to see and do in Nalón river (Asturias, Spain): Industrial and Mining Patrimony

In the upper zone of the Nalón river (Asturias, Spain), more specifically in the territory “Valle del Caudal”, is the largest mining and industrial space of the principality of Asturias. The passage of the Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) through the territory has provided the development of various industries, explorations and […]

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What to see and do in Nalón river (Asturias, Spain): Cultural Patrimony

The Nalón river (Asturias, Spain) passes through spaces rich in historical and cultural heritage. From the low (source) area of ​​the Nalón river, where there are several museums in a beautiful natural environment. To the central area where the largest city in the region – Oviedo – is located, which […]

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