What to see and do in Eo’s River (Asturias, Spain): Gastronomy and Events


The meeting between the waters of the river Eo and the salty tide of the Cantabrian Sea promotes the development of several species of quality seafood.

The typical cuisine of the western region of Asturias uses the main local marine species to prepare special dishes such as clams, oysters, molluscs and crustaceans, as well as species of sea bass, hake, monkfish and sea bream.

The abundance of mountainous terrain, very characteristic of the northern area of ​​Spain, provides quality cattle, and

For desserts, typical local sweets are rice pudding, stuffed crepes or cheese-made flan pudding.


Here are some of the best events to visit near the Eo River:

Eo’s Oystras Festival

The coastal village of Castropol is the organizer of the Eo’s Oyster Festival, which takes place annually in May and is attended by over 50 local companies and organizations.

The festival’s main focus is the appreciation of the local gastronomy, specifically the oysters cultivated on the “Eo” river, and the dissemination of the destination at the tourist and gastronomic level.

During the event various activities are carried out, such as workshops, photo and gastronomic contests, visits to places of cultivation of the species, concerts, and many others. During each festival, the “Silver Oyster” award is presented and an Eo’s Oyster ambassador elected.

Body of Christ’s Celebration

The Body of Christ, celebrated in June in the city of Castropol was declared one of the festivals of tourist interest in the region of Asturias.

The celebration has the procession where the children of the first communion carry Jesus and the Virgin accompanied by a music orchestra.

Cheese Fair

In Taramundi, one of the most important cheese fairs in western Asturias is held on Holy Week. Since 1996, cheese and local and artisan products from the locality have been valued at this party, which has over 40 local exhibitors.

Some of the most characteristic products in the area, such as the various cheeses and marmalades, Pantaramundi cakes and pies, ciders, and the famous Taramundi knifes are featured and featured at the event.

Oscos-Eo’s Gastronomy Journeys

Once again, the local cuisine of western Asturian towns – Vegadeo, Oscos, Taramundi, San Tirso de Abres and Castropol – is celebrated at the Oscos-Eo’s Gastronomic Journeys, which takes place in November.

The event is attended by several restaurants from each local municipality and aims to display and demonstrate the most typical gastronomic delicacies of each locality.

It is undoubtedly a very flashy event for the most curious of gastronomy, whether visitors or culinary chefs.