What to see and do in Cangas de Onís: Events

Like all cities Cangas de Onís also has some characteristic events of the area. Below are the most important events of Cangas.

Sella Campanu”:

  • This event is held on the last Sunday of April in Cangas de Onís. The exceptionality of this event makes its sale to the public reach high prices.

Party of San Antonio from “Padua”:

  • It is a party of Regional Tourist Interest, is celebrated on June 13 in the city of Cangas de Onís.

Pastor’s Day:

  • It is also a party of Regional Tourist Interest celebrated on July 25 in the incomparable setting of the Picos de Europa on Lake Enol.

Fisherman’s Party:

  • The feast day takes place on the first Sunday of September in the “Puente Romano” area of ​​Cangas de Onís.

Asturias Day in Covadonga:

  • Feast of Asturias is celebrated on September 8 in Covadonga.

Asturias, Pelayo our King:

  • During September, this festival relives the birth of the Asturian Kingdom in Cangas de Onís, where “Pelayo” established its court.

Cangas de Onís, Cheese Capital:

  • On October 12, the Picos de Europa Cheese Exhibition Competition is held, where an East Asturias Honey Fair is also held.