What to see and do in Eo’s River (Asturias, Spain): Natural Patrimony

The passage of the river Eo in the western end of the region of Asturias led to the development of beautiful natural spaces in the territory.

Ría del Eo

The intersection between the fresh waters of the Eo river and the salty waters of the Cantabrian Sea created an incredible estuary between the territories of Castropol and Figueras. The Ría del Eo is one of the largest and most important estuaries in northern Spain, and its authentic features have led to the emergence of various species and habitats. All this natural wealth contributed to the distinction of Ría del Eo as Partial Nature Reserve.

Penarronda Beach

In the west coast of Asturias there is also a special protection beach. Located between the municipalities of Castropol and Tapia de Casariego. Penarronda Beach has been considered a Natural Monument by UNESCO. Exposes incredible beauty and a characteristic element that gives it authenticity – the dislike of the Penarronda River in its sands.

Pousadoiro’s Mount

Pousadoiro’s Mount is another natural space that you should not miss. Located between the counties of Castropol and Tapia de Casariego, it makes it possible to reach the highest point of the Asturian west and contemplate a unique view of the union between the mountainous landscape and the coastal zone of the destination. There are also several walking routes that you can choose to explore the territory and get to know its natural wonders.

Eo’s River, Oscos and Terras de Burón Biosphere Reserve

In the interior part of the territory is another one of the most valuable natural sites in northern Spain – the Eo’s River, Oscos and Terras de Burón Biosphere Reserve. The faunal and floristic richness surrounding the Eo River is so interesting that it developed the creation the first biosphere reserve to encompass two autonomous communities.

Natural Waterfalls

The natural spaces and protected areas distinguished throughout the territory exhibit very interesting and natural elements such as the following waterfalls:

  • Cioyo Waterfall: Located in the municipality of Castropol, near the town of Penzol. It is an incredible place worth visiting but as it is not signposted, it becomes a real challenge to reach. The old schools of Penzol are about 50m from the waterfall and are the most used reference point to reach this wonder of nature;
  • Peña do Encanto Waterfall – Located in the municipality of San Tirso de Abres, in the town of Salcido. The best way to reach the small waterfall is by an early hike in the San Isidro Chapel to absorb all the beauty of the surrounding nature;
  • Meredo Waterfall – In the town of Vegadeo, lies the incredible natural space of Mazo de Meredo, also known as Mazo de Suarón, due to the Suarón River that flows through it. In this magnificent spot you can find the beautiful waterfall of Meredo.